Green Mission


Our mission is to search out environmentally friendly materials and methods in the production of juvenile furniture. Our fundamental objective, however, is to produce furniture that is above all “user safe.” Although the environment is certainly important to us all, the well-being of each child is paramount.




Besides our commitment to you, parent and consumer, we are also committed to the future, our youth. At Natart we have made significant  efforts towards a greener environment by implementing more ecological solutions in our daily workplace and in our manufacturing process. With each small step, we are doing our part to ensure that the children of tomorrow have a cleaner planet to live in.





The steps we have taken include:


  • Using 100% water based stains, when possible, in our manufacturing process. We currently have 6 stains under this category.


  • Offering consumers various styles of convertible cribs – the same unit can later be converted into a either a twin or double bed and used into adulthood, thus eliminating unnecessary waste.


  • Use of shipping cartons / boxes made from 100% recycled paper-board


  • Reuse of delivery boxes for the shipment of parts or printed matter


  • Implementation of an office-recycling program by cutting down on general waste and by using the backside of paper for daily office functions. Final paper waste is then sent to a recycling facility.


  • Following a stringent recycling policy for all wood, metal or carton residues that are not used or rejected by our production department. Either we use the materials for other functions within our facility (such as wedges, interior supports or mini-skids) or if unusable, we ship them to a nearby recycling facility.


  • Recycling our used varnish or varnish run-off produced during manufacturing – it is sent to a nearby recycling facility and is transformed into secondary products such as solvents.